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Lake Wingra – The Boat’s In!   3 comments

Our fine little rowboat is back out on the water. I paid the fees for docking it at the Wingra Boat House a couple weeks ago and put it in the water on Thursday night with the help of my dad visiting from Cedarburg.

My three boys and I went out last evening and fished “The Lagoon” at the insistence of a man in a kayak who’d just come from there. There were certainly lots and lots of fish in the lagoon, and we all had some luck.

This morning we were at it again and I had the opportunity to row around the entire lake. I’m feeling it a bit now in the upper back. My oldest son, Bode, got several panfish on tube jigs, and we made our way around to the Vilas beach and the Zoo, where we spent  some time playing on the big zoo playset hoping for the rain to stay away.

Well, the rain came after a little while and I called up my wife and asked her to come pick up the boys to take them home, while I rowed the boat back to the boat house in the rain. On the way back I took the opportunity to use some panfish popper flies along the cattail reeds and got lucky about 10 times. I missed another 10 at least, either because the realized they were being duped or because I pulled the trigger a bit early.

I also saw what looked like some carp making big ripples in the water. It’s my goal to catch carp on a dry fly, so I cast the popper toward the ripples, but no dice.

Below is a shot of the prettiest fish in the lake, the Pumpkinseed. The cool factor of a fish rising to the surface to slurp a fly is definitely present with these panfish, and they put up a good fight on a 3-wt rod.

A Lake Wingra Pumpkinseed

A Lake Wingra Pumpkinseed - Copyright Tom Anderson-Brown, 2011

I arrived back home sated for the day, having got my fly fishing in, however brief. There was a noted change in my level of stress (or relaxation, for those of you who like the glass half full). Incredible how fooling some fish can alter your mood.

Tomorrow it’s back to the trout stream with Stephen. I hope to get the dry flies out tomorrow to see some beautiful trout rise to take them