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On The Creek Closed?   7 comments

From the look of things, Todd Opsal has closed shop at On The Creek in Cross Plains. I’m sad to think that this is likely the case. I enjoyed visiting the shop, the only good fly shop in the area. Fontana has great flies but the atmosphere and personalities there are not as compelling as what Todd offered.

If anyone knows and cares to share what went down, I’d really like to know.

Kittleson and Shooting the Bull   2 comments

Stephen Rose and I met this morning  at five am and headed down to Kittleson Creek. The fishing was slow, but we took some time to eat biscuits and drink coffee right there on the bank. Sometimes hot coffee and chit chat beats fishing.

We tried out the East Branch of the Pecatonica after that, but thanks to the deluge that had just come down from the sky, the creek was a muddy mess.

We weighed our options, with about 90 minutes left before other obligations called, we could desperately try to salvage our skunky  day, or we could hang up the wanders and grab some more coffee.

We chose right and headed to Cross Plains to shoot the bull for a while with Nick and Todd at On The Creek Fly Shop.

Shooting the bull is almost always easier than catching the trout.

Posted May 6, 2012 by troutseeker in Wisconsin

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Broken Fly Rod   4 comments

Todd Opsal called. My fly rod is back from repair from TFO! I’m looking forward to launching bugs with it again soon.

Posted May 3, 2012 by troutseeker in Wisconsin

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