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Heart of the Driftless Movie – Coming in March   1 comment

This morning I was wondering to myself, “I wonder what I could post to the blog that would be of interest to readers?”

Well, look no further than the video below. It is a trailer for the upcoming DVD” Heart of the Driftless”. I’ll be picking up a copy when it comes out in March.

I’m not sure how much I like the attention the Driftless trout fishery is getting. It was OK when a few trout authors put Black Earth Creek in their “Top 100” trout rivers. I just hope there’s enough water out there for us to keep from running into one another too often. I imagine there is.

Anyway, this looks like a bitchin’ movie that shows off the beauty and quality of the Driftless Region. And I think they use a remote controlled helicopter to get some of these amazing shots. Very cool.

HOTD Trailer from RT on Vimeo.

A Connection to a Wild Thing   2 comments

Check out this cool video.

One of the things I love about fishing is that you have the choice to let the animal go after catching it. There is a period of connection with a fish, from the time you hook it to the time you get it into your hands. This connection is a rare thing in the world of outdoor sports. When hunting, this connection really doesn’t exist. The animal is alive, and then it is dead. The choice of releasing the animal doesn’t exist.

But when you go fishing, you can choose to keep the fish or let it go. This is not meant to be a negative judgement toward hunting. I’m working to be more and more of a hunter and relish the thought of harvesting an animal, just like I harvest some of the fish I catch. But this attribute of catch and release is, to me, unique to the sport of fishing.

Friday Pin Up from the Moldy Chum   6 comments

Call me a newbie, but I just discovered the “Friday Pin Up” at the Moldy Chum. I’m sure some of you guys have known about this for years. Anyway, I’m particularly fond of the ladies fly fishing in bikinis and rubber pants. Call me crazy. Perhaps this is related to some suppressed and heretofore unrecognized tall boot fetish first developed as a 13-year-old watching Sam Kinison and Scorpion videos on MTV. Although I don’t recall anyone carrying a fishing rod in those videos.

Whatever. Go check it out if you’re inclined. I know my blogging/fishing buddy Stephen Rose is rolling his eyes and laughing while he reads this, but I’m also pretty sure he’ll go check it out. Ha!

Rubber Pants anyone?

Friday Pin Up from the Moldy Chum - Rubber Pants anyone?