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Early Season Frustration and Success   1 comment

Skipping out on fishing the opener March 3rd, I was lucky enough to get a hall pass to head out on Sunday morning. I’ve heard from several anglers that opening weekend is a silly time to go exploring unfamiliar streams. You should head to a place you know holds fish. Well, my wanderlust got the best of me and I convinced my partner in crime, Stephen C. Rose, to venture out to Iowa County to fish some streams that look good from space (i.e., satelite imagery via Google and the DNR Managed Lands website).

We went north of Blackhawk Lake to a stream called Flint Creek. See the pic below? Looks pretty promising doesn’t it?

Flint Creek, Iowa County, Wisconsin

Flint Creek, Iowa County, Wisconsin

So off we went at 5:30, and we hit Esch Road at sunup. The sound of riffle water was promising, and the valley was certainly a beautiful example of the Driftless. We walked downstream (upwards with respect to the picture above) and began fishing. Bend after bend, hole after hole, we saw nothing. The stream didn’t appear to get any fishing pressure, but it also appeared to not have any fish in it. A mystery.

We decided to head back to the car and warm up with some coffee and make a new plan. And guess what we decided? Let’s try another stream we’ve never heard of!

So we drove south and east through Dodgeville and along Highway 191 to Conley-Lewis Creek, another beautiful, promising-looking stream. But again, no damn fish. The funny thing is, we had done some scouting over the winter to find streams with fish in them, and we had certainly found some streams that were new to us that held fish. Why hadn’t we visit them on Sunday, fly rods at the ready, to partake in some actual fish catching?!

Looking back on it, I think we had talked ourselves into targeting Brook Trout, because they’re a bit less selective and wary than Browns, so we figured we’d be sure to catch some trout. But in adopting this strategy we pursued fish on streams we had no prior knowledge of. It was as if we were still in scouting mode.

Oh well, lesson learned.

The silver lining is that both Stephen and I had opportunities to fish Monday (Stephen) and Tuesday (Tom) and hooked into some fish. Check back in tomorrow for tales of success.