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Rising   4 comments

I hit Black Earth Creek this afternoon and found trout of all sizes sipping and slamming BWOs fluttering along the surface. I got hits on an Elk Hair Caddis and Adams Parachute, but could not get a hook set.

Cast after cast and the fish just kept ignoring my offerings, but nailing the real bugs. It would have been a perfect scene to film for a National Geographic special on trout or mayflies, with the camera following the bug from larvae to hatching to drying out on the surface, and finally on to that critical step of getting airborne. Some make it, some don’t…

I went subsurface with a Prince Nymph and hooked up with a nice Brown. Then back to work.

The photo below shows how I felt on the ride back in, having missed my chance at a handful of nice fish on dries. Better luck next time.