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Bottle Cap Blues (Via   1 comment

Posted June 11, 2012 by troutseeker in Films

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Fishing in the heat? Not so much.   Leave a comment

It’s been a bit hot for me to go fishing. Call me crazy. What I want to do is sit around in the AC, drink a beer, and watch the Brewers sneak up on the Cardinals.

Site traffic seems to reflect that other fisher-folks’ are feeling similar about fishing for trout. Either that or once the season gets going it’s less fun to read about and dream about fishing. Perhaps that’s an offseason endeavour.

I don’t know what it all means, except to say that every once in a while I think, “Maybe I’ll hit a trout stream today”. But then I don’t. This weekend looks to be cooler, so don’t be surprised to see some new pictures and stories on Sunday or Monday. Until then, Cheers!

Here's to you, Summertime!

Here's to you, Summertime!