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Heart of the Driftless Movie – Coming in March   1 comment

This morning I was wondering to myself, “I wonder what I could post to the blog that would be of interest to readers?”

Well, look no further than the video below. It is a trailer for the upcoming DVD” Heart of the Driftless”. I’ll be picking up a copy when it comes out in March.

I’m not sure how much I like the attention the Driftless trout fishery is getting. It was OK when a few trout authors put Black Earth Creek in their “Top 100” trout rivers. I just hope there’s enough water out there for us to keep from running into one another too often. I imagine there is.

Anyway, this looks like a bitchin’ movie that shows off the beauty and quality of the Driftless Region. And I think they use a remote controlled helicopter to get some of these amazing shots. Very cool.

HOTD Trailer from RT on Vimeo. interview with John Gierach   Leave a comment

I’m a fan of John Gierach and his writing, and perhaps you are too. It’s probably worth your time, if you enjoy chasing trout (or bass or bluegills or any other fishy fish) to read some Gierach. You’ll enjoy it.

John Gierach

John Gierach

Below is a link to a recent interview of Gierach done by Trout Underground.

I found the discussion of fly fishing as an extreme sport interesting. It really isn’t an extreme sport, but I suppose that’s what sells these days, isn’t it? But then you’ve got this idea of trout fishing being so insanely intense with action that maybe you go home a little disappointed once in a while. And that’s not that good, is it?

Give the interview a read. Let me know what you think, if you want to.

Trout Underground interviews John Gierach

Why not here?   4 comments

The Fly Fishing film tour is fishporn on steroids. I am often left dumbstruck and incapable of moving forward with my day after the trailers. I don’t even know what will happen to me were I to actually sit through this entire event.

Still, I’m game for anything once. What I can’t understand is why Southern Wisconsin has not offered a venue for this activity? I’d really like to go and it would be a great opportunity to shoot the bull and throw back some beers.

I’ve decided to be proactive about it. I’ve made a survey which I’ll hope to get some feedback on. Fill it out if you’ve got a moment. With good numbers maybe we could convince this tour to come here.

At the very least watch this trailer. I understand Brian Horn is all I’ll say. For most of these movies, after I get my jaw placed back somewhere near my face I wonder what the heck it is these guys do that allows them this kind of liberty?

Anybody know anyone in Kamchatka?


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