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Brad Bohen Tying up a Chunky Predator Fly   1 comment

Here’s my favorite Musky fisherman, Brad Bohen, tying his Hang Time Optical Minnow. His method of tying bucktail on backwards gives these flies that ability to pulse in the water like a squid upon retrieval.

Check it out!

Fly Tying with Brad Bohem (Hang Time Optical Minnow) from TheNewFlyFisher on Vimeo.

Why should you put the big fish back?   3 comments

Here’s why you shouldn’t harvest that 30-inch brown you pulled out of the Driftless. Why we don’t have slot limits in our trout streams is beyond me.

Los Angeles   5 comments

I’m going to LA next week for work. The guys in our office in Hollywood joked that I should fish the LA River. Big carp and catfish dwell there in Los Angeles, where “A Sewer Runs Through It”.

Salmon Extreme   Leave a comment

I found this at I like the message that animals do some extreme stuff, and salmon are exemplary in their extreme-ness.

Can you imagine emulating their life cycle?

Get born, survive in a stream for a while, swim to the ocean, be a predator and get fat, then somehow figure your way back to the very spot you were born without the help of a map or the benefit of nourishment during your journey, all the while fighting and competing with your brothers and sisters for mates, spill your spawn until you’re exhausted, only to die in the process?

Salmon are, indeed, incredible.

Shred Till Death, Salmon. from Will Lyons on Vimeo.

North Shore Steelhead   4 comments

Ten hours north of here lie dozens of rivers as fertile as the Brule River, and wilder to boot. Naturally-reproducing, wild Steelhead and Coaster Brook Trout swim in rocky, wild rivers.

A trip is in order!

Late April is only eight months away. Better get it on the calendar!



Fishing For Steelhead   Leave a comment

The space that steelheading occupies in my conscience continues to grow as the season approaches.

Here’s another beautiful short film from Oregon.

Fishing for Steelhead with Curtis Ciszek from Poler Outdoor Stuff on Vimeo.

Lapland In Waders   2 comments

Here is a fine video of fishing for trout, pike, and Arctic Grayling in Lapland, Scandinavia. The sight of Caribou running about, the long summer days, the wild fish; all of it appeals to me. Wow, what an experience that would be!