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Brad Bohen Tying up a Chunky Predator Fly   1 comment

Here’s my favorite Musky fisherman, Brad Bohen, tying his Hang Time Optical Minnow. His method of tying bucktail on backwards gives these flies that ability to pulse in the water like a squid upon retrieval.

Check it out!

Fly Tying with Brad Bohem (Hang Time Optical Minnow) from TheNewFlyFisher on Vimeo.

Ready to Swing   2 comments

As I’d hoped, I was able to sit down for a few hours and tie some streamers to use in my pursuit of Steelhead on the swing.

Here’s the fruit of my labor. Those on the right are based on the Great Lakes Blue-Gold Intruder and those on the left are based on the Egg Sucking Tarantula Hairy Leg Leech, both found at There are some other odds and ends in the box as well.

Hopefully these new flies will catch me some fish!


Steelhead Streamer Box

Steelhead Streamer Box



Milwaukee Salmon and Steelhead Spey Fishing   2 comments

I’ll be heading over to Milwaukee for the weekend to visit family and while I’m there I plan to spend some time in the Milwaukee River, swinging intruder spey flies in front of Salmon and Steelhead.

Steelhead are what I’m after, of course. But I stopped in and talked with Craig Amacker, the fishing manager over at Fontana Sports in Madison. Craig relayed a story to me about a quick trip he took up to the Sheboygan River the day before. There were some salmon in the river, as you’d expect, and Craig was swinging flies. He found that many of the salmon were moving a long way to smash a fly. If I get some salmon in this manner I’ll be pleased. It’s the endless foul-hooking of salmon that I can’t stand.

So anyway…

Salmon moving to flies? Sure.

Steelhead moving to flies? You betcha!

Perhaps the odd lake-run Brown Trout? Bring it.

I have started to try tying Intruder-style streamers this fall. I found some inspiration at the Oregon Fly Fishing Blog where they have a page full of videos showing how to tie steelhead fly patterns. Last night I tied my first tube fly. We’ll see how they work out in Milwaukee…


Tom's "Olde Seminal Vesicle" Steelhead Intruder fly

Tom’s “Olde Seminal Vesicle” Steelhead Intruder fly


Tom's "Patrick Petitjean" Steelhead Intruder fly (Click image for a special treat)

Tom’s “Patrick Petitjean” Steelhead Intruder fly (Click image for a special treat)




Field and Stream touts Wisconsin’s Driftless Trout Fishing   Leave a comment

Uh oh. The cat has been let out of the bag.

Well, maybe not to the degree a front page spread in the New York Times would garner. But Field and Stream, no slouch in the outdoor sporting world, has a short missive on fishing Wisconsin’s Driftless.

The descriptions all sound accurate to me. The technical nature of fishing small spring-fed creeks, the hassles of casting a fly to a spot surrounded by willow saplings, the challenge of navigating country roads past gruff and grim farmers to find pools of 8″ fish, all separate the small stream anglers from those who’d prefer to sit on their bass boats and suck Miller Lite all day.

Let’s face it. There a large helping of “fu-king around” that goes into a day of fishing in the Driftless. It can be hot, buggy, dirty, mucky, and unfulfilling. But if you figure it out, it can be that thing you find it hard to stop daydreaming about.

So let the magazines tout the Driftless. The Driftless deserves it! More press means more attention spent on keeping it nice, on ensuring these beloved streams flourish.


Camp Creek on a summer morning

Camp Creek on a summer morning




Uncle!   3 comments

Okay, I’m not gonna take this … Anymore!

I will not attempt to post daily during the month of may. This stinkin blog does not run me, I run it. So there.


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I caught this fish a couple of days ago   3 comments

It was awesome! Sort of.


Black Earth Creek Brown, May 2012

Black Earth Creek Brown, May 2012

Fly Fishing in Greece   3 comments

Check out Kostis Nikolis’ blog called “Fly Fishing in Greece“. I had no idea Greece had such beautiful rivers. The water reminds me a bit of the Bois Brule River. It would be fun to visit someday.

A Grecian river, Photo by Kostis Nikolis @ Fly Fishing in Greece

A Grecian river, Photo by Kostis Nikolis @ Fly Fishing in Greece

Gaylord Shanilec – Mayflies of the Driftless   Leave a comment

Wisconsin Author and Artist Gaylord Shanilec has done a guest post on The Biofresh Blog, a blog on the science, policy, and conservation of freshwater ecosystems. There’s a neat story about his interaction with University of Wisconsin entomologist Clarke Garry. Click on the BioFresh logo below to see the post.

BioFresh Project

BioFresh Project

Check out Shanilec’s blog “The River“. He lives near Stockholm, WI on the Mississippi River and has done some incredible art related to the animals and scenes that are common in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin.

Report from Pool Four

Why do fish jump?

I also encourage you to investigate his books and works, and his process of making art from wood engravings. His creativity, skill, and talents are self evident. What a wonderful treasure for Wisconsin!

Baetis sp 1. - Shanilec

Baetis sp 1. - Gaylord Shanilec

The Pink Squirrel   2 comments

I’ve been working on my Pink Squirrels. Of course I mean the fly created and perfected by John Bethke. His seem a little more flashy than mine due to the fact that he uses a much hairier dubbing mix mixed with some flash. I think I read somewhere he puts muskrat fur and crystal flash into a blender and chops it up. That’s kind of what it looks like.

But, I think mine with catch fish.

How many blog posts do you think exist in the world that are related to the Pink Squirrel fly? Let’s just say it’s north of 40, because I didn’t get to any search results besides the Pink Squirrel fly until I made it to page 4 in Google’s results. I’ve heard it said that this fly catches fish. I’ll bear witness to that, having caught most of my “fish-on-the-fly” fish on a Pink Squirrel.

One of these Pink Squirrels is not like the others

One of these Pink Squirrels is not like the others

Online Fly Fishing Magazines   1 comment

Am I always the last to find out about cool stuff like Catch Magazine? If you haven’t investigated it, Catch magazine is dedicated to photographers and film-makers who focus on fly fishing. Beautiful photograhps and videos are waiting for you (click on the image below to go to Catch Magazine Online).

Catch Magazine

Catch Magazine


Another excellent online magazine of the same realm is Sleeping in the Dirt. They have an online magazine as well (SID1 through SID6) that are inspirational to me and likely any aspiring fishing photographer/videographer. Go check it out (Click on the image below to go to Sleeping in the Dirt Online)!

Sleeping In the Dirt

Sleeping In the Dirt online magazine