A Nice Day Out on Easter   4 comments

Stephen, Fred and I took some time on Easter to hit the Driftless. There were clouds all morning and patches of drizzle. At around 2pm the drizzle picked up and started feeling like rain showers. At that moment, for a period of about thirty minutes, the fish went mad. Fish were biting flies, nymphs, streamers, pink squirrels, brown beavers, green boogers, and yellow Bio-Strike. Most of the Brown Trout I caught during this period went airborne as I tried to play them to hand.

And then, nothing. Once the showers became steady and constant the fish hunkered down, back to being their normal Trouty selves.

Gosh, that was fun!


A Driftless Brown Trout with Easter Egg Colors

A Driftless Brown Trout with Easter Egg Colors



4 responses to “A Nice Day Out on Easter

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  1. Hey Guys, really enjoy yer website, pics and info…been out 2 wks ago near Fennimore, our usual headquarters, did well with a few nice ones, mostly nymphs on usual pheasant tails and pink scuds combo…so this year we’re looking to do some exploring, we’ve tried Viroqua, Coon Valley and Richland Cntr waters, but was wondering if you’ve been to Rush , Bad Axe or Mecon rivers and any comments? Thanks much

    • Hi John,

      I have fished the Bad Axe, many years ago. I remember the section I fished being very pretty with rock walls and a rocky bottom.

      Stephen has fished the Mecan and I believe he was impressed with the look of it, but I can’t recall whether or not he had success.

      Just get out there and give them all a try. If you miss out on fish you’ll still have a nice adventure!


  2. so how you guys doing? Haven’t seen any updates lately…we’ve hit driftless several times so far, got 2 nice 18 bows as well, can we send a pic?

    Best Regards, *John Finney* johncfinney@gmail.com 847-284-9535 http://johnfinneyconsulting.com/

    • Hey John,

      I’d love to see some big fish pics. Send the to me and I’ll put them up on the site.

      I’m heading out for Friday/Saturday to Viroqua with my 12-year-old son Bode to chase trout. I’m hoping there are some streams that aren’t completely blown out. We’ll likely have to stay up high in the watersheds, but that means Brook Trout!


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