On The Creek Closed?   7 comments

From the look of things, Todd Opsal has closed shop at On The Creek in Cross Plains. I’m sad to think that this is likely the case. I enjoyed visiting the shop, the only good fly shop in the area. Fontana has great flies but the atmosphere and personalities there are not as compelling as what Todd offered.

If anyone knows and cares to share what went down, I’d really like to know.


7 responses to “On The Creek Closed?

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  1. I know they typically do a weekend trip up to Hayward for Musky fly fishing this time of year, so maybe that’s what’s going on? It was pretty slim pickings last time I was in there. I hope they’re still open…

  2. We needn’t guess about this anymore. I spoke with Todd today outside the shop.

    They have indeed, closed up shop, for the foreseeable future.

    I feel badly for we fly fisherman who came to see Todd and the shop as unique elements of the subculture of fishing that is so robust and beautiful around the Driftless.

    I’m gonna be rooting for him (and us) that somehow this vacuum gets refilled and that Todd Opsal continues to play a role.

    Todd is a big cuddly bear of a man. He is endlessly friendly, patient, and willing to build the enthusiasm of even the greenest seeker of trout.

    This too shall pass.

    Tava Evericulum

  3. bryan trapper voldahl
  4. Wow, this is devastating! I’ve been manically checking his fish reports and noticed they seemed to have stopped cold….I was hoping this wasn’t the case. He will be missed!

  5. dang. that was a good shop. i drove to the driftless early on a saturday from chicago not expecting it to be open before 8 am and to my surprise todd was in drinking coffee. too bad. it’s wild to think that the wisco diftless area can’t support more than one 9 or 2 fly shops. the drifless angler in viroqua is the only other i know.

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