North Shore Steelhead   4 comments

Ten hours north of here lie dozens of rivers as fertile as the Brule River, and wilder to boot. Naturally-reproducing, wild Steelhead and Coaster Brook Trout swim in rocky, wild rivers.

A trip is in order!

Late April is only eight months away. Better get it on the calendar!



4 responses to “North Shore Steelhead

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  1. I want to be on that calendar.

    North Shore! Here we come!



    • Let’s eat is right!

      So this has some appeal to you then, Mister Rose?

      • It sure does. I liken the North Shore to the northernmost outpost of my home terrain.
        It’s a place that I feel I recognize with my gut not my brain.
        I love this idea.
        As the world grows smaller it feels like the truest discoveries to be had are actually conspicuously close to home.
        This is nothing against the rest of the world, it’s simply a desire to utilize my personal history in a way one cannot in a “foreign” location to discover the hidden secrets of existence.
        Almost a form of clairvoyance!
        It’s something the world can’t take from you. Where you’re from leaves an indelible mark and there is no shame in this.

        Kinda makes me want a fur hat or something.

  2. I’m with you on that. It’s almost like going against the current to try to find great places to visit that are close at hand.

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