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Here is a fine video of fishing for trout, pike, and Arctic Grayling in Lapland, Scandinavia. The sight of Caribou running about, the long summer days, the wild fish; all of it appeals to me. Wow, what an experience that would be!

2 responses to “Lapland In Waders

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  1. Here is the bigger, slower water that feels like the final destination of the mature fly-fisherman.

    The color of that brook trout, held so briefly, was pure visual poetry that Matisse would surely have painted if he’d lived in a similar climate. I’m realizing that there is no equivalent of Matisse from the cold Northern climes and that, perhaps, this absence is cause for someone else to fulfill a niche in arts history.

    I am also struck by the very real violence of the strike by the pike late in the video. What a heart stopping attack!

    I see no reason we couldn’t find a similar situation right here in our great Midwestern North pursuing the abundant pike of our freshwater lakes.

    Last, I found the helicopter ridiculous and off putting. If these “outdoorsman” want to offer us these feasts of wilderness I want them to find their way, not by their pocketbooks, but by their efforts. We could do these things without the contrivances of the nouveau riche if we would only choose to use our own pluck and guile.

    Thanks for the video you crazy Laplander!


    • I totally agree with you on all points. We can find these places nearby, not half a world away. And the first half of the video, the music, the scenes of happy fishermen, really had me smiling. But when the helicopter started getting top-billing I kind of wrinkled my nose.

      Beautiful places, though.

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