A Cold and Gloomy Friday   3 comments

I took a little time to get out to my home waters and I didn’t see a lot of action, but there were beautiful swallows swooping all around, the trees were flowering and smelling like honey, and the air breathed crisp and fresh.

I hope you can get out to catch some trout this weekend. I’m likely to be seen on the shores of Monona Bay, chasing down a hunch overheard by my ten-year-old son at school about big bass being caught at sunrise. Hopefully I can convince him that Sunday will be the better day to fish. Saturday morning looks like rain and cold. I’d prefer to read the paper and drink my coffee in that kind of weather. But it ain’t easy to make an eager kid wait.






Salmo Trutta!

Salmo Trutta!




3 responses to “A Cold and Gloomy Friday

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  1. It’s a Cherry or Plum tree. I’ve been doing well on prince nymphs and soft hackles – what did you get him on?

    • Thanks for identifying the tree. I got that one on a pink squirrel. I tried a stonefly nymph and trailed a prince nymph behind the pink squirrel, but had no luck with those.

  2. This brown has awesome colours! Great photos!

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