Early Season Opener Plans   15 comments

The year 2012 was one hell of a roller coaster ride for me and the people in my orbit. Ahead lies 2013, a year that, at the moment, seems to stretch out in front of me forever. There are so many goals, new experiences, trips, and friendships to grow, and healing to be done. I hope your 2013 is off to a good start and continues to deliver on all you’ve hoped for.

The 2013 Early Season Trout Opener is about four weeks away, here in Wisconsin. Have you got a plan? My friends and I have started making plans. Here’s a shot of the stretch we’re planning to fish on March 2nd (sorry, I can’t spray the location all over the internet).


Some Driftless trout water, Wisconsin

Some Driftless trout water, Wisconsin


Afterwards we’ll wet our whistles here and recount the epic day of fishing we shared.


The Silent Woman

The Silent Woman


And after that, we’ll come up with many more plans, ideas to improve our success, and talk of hunting Turkeys, Deer, Musky, and many, many more trout.

Here’s to 2013!


15 responses to “Early Season Opener Plans

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  1. The green should fish great

  2. Already?! Holy cow! I should have my new custom 2wt in a week – I’ll be ready!!!

    I’ve never fished the WI driftless, but have every intention of making it happen this spring

  3. I’ve never fished that part of Whiskey River. Looks good!

  4. Here’s to hope for good things in 2013.


  5. Heh – that’s the “other K river” in SW Wisconsin. Spotted it from the distinctive farmers field on Google Earth. Have heard of it, but never fished it .

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