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Stephen Rose and John Jackels went up to Cumberland, Wisconsin this weekend to get after some whitetail deer. I sent Stephen a text last night asking, “Did you get one?”  Here’s the update from Stephen as of 5:30 this morning…

Nothing yet. John got a nubbin buck on the first day but I failed to shoot when I had an opportunity. I sighted a doe in a small group but saw a buck following them out of the corner of my eye. I swung my gun to the buck, he saw, and immediately turned away from me and down a hill. He managed to alert all fived does in front of him at the same time.

Suddenly I had no shot and haven’t had an opportunity since.

The woods are really beautiful but the nice weather is keeping the deer on their beds. We haven’t seen many on our piece of land.

Guns went off everywhere the first day. I heard hundreds. But yesterday was pretty quiet.

Still got this morning…




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