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Outdoors: Brown catches a brown trout http://bit.ly/Pwu28C

Lucky man!

Posted September 18, 2012 by troutseeker in Driftless Region, Fly Fishing, Wisconsin, Wooly Bugger

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12 responses to “Yowza!

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  1. I think he’s juicin’…

  2. Hi. I took that photo. What does “juicin'” mean? He caught that with a straight up fly….

    • Hi Dan,

      Meant no disrespect and I trusted it was a legit catch. It was more shock and awe on the size of the fish and a smart ass, tongue in cheek reference to the home run records falling in baseball between McGuire, Sosa, and Bonds.

      Would you be willing to divulge the watershed of where that fish was found? Curious to know which streams support beasts like that. I know DNR has info that large populations of fish greater than 15″ exist in our waters but that fish should require another size class!

      Great photo, made me want to get out and keep searching for my own trophy fish!

      • It was through a friend that we were able to find this place. I have to honor their secrecy, suffice to say it was in SW Wisconsin and a tributary of a larger river.

      • Yes, but what about the story of the catch? I want to hear about an epic battle!

      • We have the whole battle on video… alas, it is too revealing of the location to share. His rod was bent over like a horse shoe. A bee in my hood stung me as I tried to help land it. It jumped 3 times. Battle lasted about 4 minutes until I cornered it between derek, the bank and myself, hoisting it on shore with my little trout net which basically fit around it’s head. I literally had to lay on it to keep it down.

      • Wow! Sounds like quite an experience! Damn…

  3. I dont relly know what juicing is but truthfully i caught that fish on a fly……any more coments you would like to make? You can direct them to my face

    • Derek’s struggling with his newfound celebrity…

    • Hey, take it easy fellas! No one was saying Derek did anything suspicious. The juicing comment was in regards to the size of the fish. You know, it looks like it’s on steroids, aka, “juice”. Because it’s very large.

      Derek, That is an incredible catch. I’d love to hear more about the experience. Was it a long battle? I would have thought so. I am totally green with envy. Nicely done!


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