Black Earth Creek in September   2 comments

I made good on my decision to get out and fish often this September. Today was an ideal day to spend a little time on the water, with the overnight temps in the 40s, recent rain, and spawning instincts starting to kick in to gear.

A one hour break from work was just the thing, and I hit a big old pool (formerly a millpond spillway, according to local lore) where large trout have been encountered (again, according to local lore).

I decided to throw a Clouser Minnow for a while, letting it sink for a good-long while before stripping it back in erratically. After five minutes of enjoyable long-reach casting I had my fish on, and upon our initial exchange of pull and pull-back I believed it to be sizeable.

It was “respectable”. Which is all anyone can hope for when fishing at 11:30am on a cloudless day in a hole that sees many, many fishermen. I was and am happy to have caught anything, and my time away was satisfying and refreshing.

I have a plan to get out Thursday afternoon and evening with a good friend, and I hope we run into some fish, maybe a big one, or maybe a lot of “respectable” fish. At any rate, I continue to be a happy fisherman and I’m looking forward to more successful outings this September and beyond.


A fifteen-inch Black Earth Creek Brown Trout, Dane County, Wisconsin

A fifteen-inch Black Earth Creek Brown Trout, Dane County, Wisconsin



2 responses to “Black Earth Creek in September

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  1. Dude man, that looks like a nice one. I hope the fisherman you mentioned.

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