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My son Bode twisted my arm and I bought him an archery rig a couple of weeks ago. We went out to Pappa’s Trading Post in Arena Wisconsin and tried it out, and then a week later went back and bit the bullet (arrow?).

I set him up in our basement with a ten-yard target and he’s been down there daily for weeks practicing.

I work with Dean Wampfler who has done archery and bow hunting for years and years, and Dean recommended Pappa’s Trading Post, the Mission Craze bow, and generally steered me in the right direction. Dean is a member of Blackhawk Bowhunters Archery Club in Verona Wisconsin, and yesterday he took Bode and me to the club to do some shooting. They have a great indoor range and a really nice “3-D” shooting range, which is another way of saying dozens of acres of targets set up in various ways throughout the woods.

After dialing in at the indoor range, Dean took Bode and me outside to walk the 3-D range, and Bode and Dean did some shooting. Below are some pics from our walk. It was a great way to spend a Saturday morning and I look forward to doing it more often. Thanks Dean!

As we drove away, Bode said “Dad, Now I’m for sure going to go from a Joe to a Pro!”


Bode lining up a bear

Bode lining up a bear


Arrow in flight!

Arrow in flight!


I'd like to see you try and do that again Bode.

I’d like to see you try and do that again Bode.






4 responses to “From Joe to Pro

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  1. Wow – Bode’s good. I can’t believe he nailed that tree. I’d say that is one lucky deer.


  2. Wonderful.� Love’d Bode’s summary of the marning.� Looks like all had a geat time. Dad


  3. Awesome! I don’t know anything about archery, but Bode sure looks like he knows what he’s doing! Stella just announced yesterday – “mama, I want a bow and arrow”. Maybe we have TWO future archers on our hands!

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