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Stephen Rose and I woke up early, met at the JFT Fishmobile parked on the street between our houses, and headed out to Richland County Sunday morning. We may have gotten out there a bit early because the bite didn’t really turn on until about 11am. I’ll never get those few hours of sleep back! Damnit.

Oh well. When the bite was less than ideal we spent some time on the bank chatting, snacking on good snacks, and talking about the evolution of sparrows. I like fishing alone, but fishing alone has nothing on fishing with a person who’s company you enjoy, who can relate to your stories and troubles, and who is completely bonkers about catching trout in spring-fed creeks. Call it a bromance if you like. Go ahead. I take no offense. I would even say if you don’t have a partner in crime out there in leisure-land you’re missing a big part of the equation. I feel very fortunate to have a great fishing buddy and friend in Stephen.

Stephen had been out to this particular stream three times prior this spring and was confident another visit would yield good results. and boy, did it!

We fished mostly dries once the fish started becoming active. Stephen was clued into it when a fish hit his biostrike indicator (best stuff ever, btw). There wasn’t a strong hatch going on, but never-the-less the fish were looking up. We took turns on a few pools and pulled out fish after fish on caddis and BWO patterns drifted or skated through pools. Needless to say, it was a blast.

And another thing. I continue to be amazed at the options available to trout anglers in Wisconsin’s Driftless Region. We spent from 6am to 1pm fishing a stretch of prime water and didn’t see a soul. Incredible.

Enjoy the pictures!


Tom casting to a honey of a hole.

Tom casting to a honey of a hole.


Glorious, no?

Glorious, no?


Switching from wet to dry mode.

Switching from wet to dry mode.


There it is...

There it is…


Boys, it just dudn't get any better'n this.

Boys, it just dudn’t get any better’n this.


Keeper! ;)

Keeper! 😉





I just love trout. Don't you?

I just love trout. Don’t you?


A wonderful, wild, hungry creature.

A wonderful, wild, hungry creature.


It's hard to beat a day like this.

It’s hard to beat a day like this.



10 responses to “A Good Day Out!

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great day out!

  2. Yesterday was really awesome. Just………..awesome. It just keeps getting better too. It’s very obvious to me that a fisherman’s tale can’t be very reliable the longer it’s just floating around in your head. I’ve discovered a reason to offer this blog. It’s a good way to keep it in perspective and the images and the story keep it as close to the truth as we can hope to offer.

    A few things I really dig:

    1) Biostrike is indeed an awesome product and Ideal indicator for our small streams.

    2) It’s a good idea to stop for awhile when you’re on the water to take stock of what you’re doing.

    3) Be open to completely altering your rig from spot to spot as the macro conditions are all the difference.

    4) It is indeed a great thing to share these moments with somebody else. Fishing by yourself is fun but it’s kind of like ‘when a tree falls in the woods……’

    5) I think I’m getting more and more sold on saving my fishing opportunities for when I can isolate at least half a day to fish. It can take a couple hours just to find your groove.

    6) I can still taste that Rush River beer going down. Nice!

    Thanks for the post man.

    • Dude, yes. I’m still trying to figure out the magical element that allows me to fish for an hour and have success. I’m currently getting text messages every time BEC reaches 14-degrees C. That currently occurs each day around noon.

      Hypothetically that’s about the stream temp at which fish are becoming most active. But that may be too shrewdly pragmatic for ones tastes.

      Anyway, I hope to have similarly enjoyable experiences in the near future. Sunday was great!


    • Great post on a great day on the water! It’s always a fine balance to be “in the moment”, but also remembering to take time to relax and enjoy your surroundings. Also, great taste in beer!

      • Hey Colin. Thanks. I’ll drink up just about any beer out on the water. It always seems to taste delicious! Hope you’re getting som e fishing in yourself.


  3. Your pictures look brilliant! Really enjoy your blog guys. Newish to Milwaukee (via Scotland), do you know of any fun little creeks over here or is west of Madison the place to be?!

    • Stephen,

      Glad you enjoy the blog. Sad to say the area you’re living in now is referred to as “trout hell”. Not many options until you get west of Madison. Check out maps on the WDNR website to see where the streams are. Dane, Iowa, Crawford, Sauk, Richland, Vernon, and Grant Counties are my favorites.

      Best wishes,

    • @Stephen – Congrats on your move! I moved from Milwaukee TO Scotland (and then on to Chicago). To fish in Spring and Summer, you really do need to head West of Madison, but the Fall, Winter, and Early Spring can offer some great Steelhead and Salmon fishing in Milwaukee!

  4. Oh, man! Is jealousy a sin? … cause I am jealous! It’s good to see posts like that guys! Keep it up! 🙂

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