Brule Fall Steelhead Numbers Very Low   2 comments

I read in the paper last night that the numbers are in on the Fall Run of Brule River Steelhead. The numbers are way down, about 1/3 of what they’ve been in the recent past. It only makes sense that this is the case. There was absolutely no rain last fall in the Brule River Valley. I watched the weather up there from July through November, and a few times there were some storms that came close, but either went north, east, west, or south.

I won’t be heading up to the Brule this spring, but it will be interesting to hear about the run numbers. Will Steelhead come up the river to spawn this spring (most spawning fish overwinter in the river, so those that are now in the lake will most likely stay put). Let’s hope for some more predictable weather this fall so we can have another 10,000 fish run. That would be something!


Tom A-B's 25" hen, caught on the Brule in November, 2011.

Tom A-B's 25" hen, caught on the Brule in November, 2011.


2 responses to “Brule Fall Steelhead Numbers Very Low

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  1. Somehow, Steelheading is an Autumnal activity to my mind. We’ve got great fishing down here this time of year so I’m not greatly interested in the Spring runs.

    I’ll just cross my fingers that we’ll have a chance to chase some chrome this fall and that the flow rate is conducive to catching some really big ones!

    Thanks for the post.

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