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After striking out on Sunday I decided to swing 180-degrees and go from fishing streams I don’t know to fishing those I know well (or better, anyway). My home stream, as it is for many around here, is Black Earth Creek. Many people frown on it because “there was that fish kill awhile back” and “it gets so much pressure from Madison fishermen”. While those things are true, it is still a lovely stream with lots of fish that is fishable for me over lunch or before or after work.

Monday I drove 15 minutes to a spot on Black Earth Creek and caught a couple of nice Brown Trout, whereas on Sunday I drove an hour and didn’t see any fish.

Black Earth Creek in its broad valley

Black Earth Creek in its broad valley


I haven’t yet fished every stretch of this river, so I have some exploring left to do, which will help my neophilic tendencies. There are a few nice tributary streams as well that are proximal to my location that don’t see as many fishermen, and I plan to increase my knowledge of those streams as well.

The spot I fished was basically “in town” and it sees lots of fishing pressure. Even so, I caught fish. This, to me, says a lot about the health of the Black Earth Creek system.

The guys at On The Creek provided an audience during this hookup.

The guys at On The Creek provided an audience during this hookup.


Speaking with Todd Opsal at On the Creek Fly Shop, I found out the section between Hwy P and Hwy KP is going to get some special attention in the next few years from the DNR and Trout Unlimited. Many moons ago this section was channelized and dammed to serve industrial purposes. The project in the works will put the stream back into its original stream bed, with lots of meanders and natural gradient. It will be used as a national example of stream restoration practices and will only serve to increase the fecundity of Black Earth Creek, and we’ll all have more fish to catch and lovelier places to catch them.


Tight Line! Channelized section of Black Earth Creek.

Tight Line! Channelized section of Black Earth Creek.


I plan to keep up the blog posts as a sort of journal this season, so hopefully I’ll be taking many more pics of fish and nice places as the weeks go by.

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  1. The first photo is amazing ! I have to drive at least 2 hours to get to the nearest trout river from where I live. I will be having my first exodus of the season to go fishing in about two weeks from now. I cannot wait…

    • I call myself lucky to have consistently good trout water nearby. I can drive 1-2 hours and reach hundreds of trout streams with thousands of miles of trout stream water. If you look up information on the “Driftless Region” of the Midwestern United States you’ll see how geologically unique the area is. You’ve heard of the famous Scottish chalk streams? That’s what we’ve got in the Driftless, but the streams are a bit smaller.

      I think it’s cool that you’ve taken an interest! I’ve enjoyed our exchanges and look forward to learning more about fishing for trout in Greece!

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