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The Southern Wisconsin Trout Unlimited chapter organized a work day Saturday morning on a stream in Dane County. Stephen Rose and I went out to lend a hand. There were 34 volunteers clearing Buckthorn, Box Elder, and Honeysuckle away from the stream corridor, and in 3 hours we cleaned out over 1,000 feet of streambank. This section of the stream went from a choked up mess to a wonderful place to chase after trout and take in the beauty of a spring creek.

(Click on the picture below to see 13 more pictures from the cleanup day)

SWTU Cleanup - Photo Copyright James Beecher, 2012

SWTU Cleanup - Photo Copyright James Beecher, 2012


Kurt Welke, the Fisheries Manager for the South Central Region of Wisconsin, was on hand and working hard. He set aside some larger tree trunk sections that would be placed in a section of the stream that was wide, shallow, and silty. He said that the trunks would be used to alter the flow of the water to create faster flow, which would scour away the silt, deepen the stream, and oxygenate the water.

SWTU will be holding two more maintenance/cleanup projects this spring. One on March 17th and one in April. If you’re interested check out the chapter’s website at, or contact Conservation Committee Chairman Steve Wald ( for more information.

It feels really good to help transform an unusable section of stream into a beautiful trout fishing destination. Each section of stream we improve provides another trout fishing destination for all of us to enjoy. Come on out March 17th and help improve your trout fishery!

3 responses to “Southern Wisconsin Trout Unlimited Work Day

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  1. Spot on. This is a really nice way to spend a beautiful spring day in Dane County. I’ll sign up for this anytime. If it gives me more opportunities to fish closer to home that’s a win-win as far as I’m concerned.

    It’s really nice to have a chance to scout the stream while you’re out there. My big idea is that some big fat brown trout have taken hold in the deep pools of these sections unfettered by fisherman, herons, etc. They’ve gotten cavalier from such a comfortable environs and will be very obliging when it comes time to consider my fly presentation.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. I knew that was you!
    I was the younger guy running the chainsaw…you helped me cut some vines that were tangling a tree I was trying to pull out of the stream if that helps.
    Sorry I didn’t say anything but thought I’d catch you later.
    Thanks for coming out!
    I try and go to all the stream cleanup days and they’re always a good time and very productive.

    • Pat,
      It was an awesome experience! I’m planning to get out on March 17th too. Hopefully that will work. Thanks much for your effort. It was good being out there with you!

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