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More Driftless Moving Water   Leave a comment

Here’s some footage from a trip I took last year in April to the upper reaches of Gordon Creek in Dane County, Wisconsin. Just a hop, skip, and a jump from my home.

Dreams of Summertime   4 comments

Even though we’ve had a mild winter so far this season in Southern Wisconsin, I still can’t get thoughts of birds chirping and green grass out of my head. Winter brings with it an element of silence. The water is frozen, the trees are barren, neighbors are inside their quiet houses, and if you’re not at the ski hill or on the nordic ski trail, there is stillness all around.

The video below is of a day I spent last summer on Read’s Creek and Camp Creek in Wisconsin’s Driftless Region. I remember it being a fairly successful day of fishing, but what strikes me now is how lucky I am to have beautiful areas like these to visit. Spring-fed creeks are so dynamic and fecund. There’s no place better to spend a day in the outdoors.

The first segment is a plunge pool on Read’s Creek. The second is a school of brown trout on the same creek. And the third is a pool on Camp Creek where I spotted a few trout rising to sip flies drying their wings after hatching. Who says you have to nymph?