Heart of the Driftless Movie – Coming in March   1 comment

This morning I was wondering to myself, “I wonder what I could post to the blog that would be of interest to readers?”

Well, look no further than the video below. It is a trailer for the upcoming DVD” Heart of the Driftless”. I’ll be picking up a copy when it comes out in March.

I’m not sure how much I like the attention the Driftless trout fishery is getting. It was OK when a few trout authors put Black Earth Creek in their “Top 100” trout rivers. I just hope there’s enough water out there for us to keep from running into one another too often. I imagine there is.

Anyway, this looks like a bitchin’ movie that shows off the beauty and quality of the Driftless Region. And I think they use a remote controlled helicopter to get some of these amazing shots. Very cool.

HOTD Trailer from RT on Vimeo.

One response to “Heart of the Driftless Movie – Coming in March

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  1. Awesome trailer, definitely a unique area.

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