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The Brule River Valley is freakin’ gorgeous. It’s haunting me, and I’m not sure I can get back there soon enough. I am completely envious of everyone who lives in Duluth, simply because they’re less than an hour away from this amazing river.


The Bois Brule River, Douglas County, Wisconsin

The Bois Brule River, Douglas County, Wisconsin


3 responses to “Freakin’ Gorgeous

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  1. That forest, and river, is just filthy with natural riches. I’d like to know every inch of it before I’m gone. I’d really like a week up there fishing the whole damn thing in September.

    I’m not even sure I could do my job after that. I’d leave right now if the world would let me. Maybe we could plan a larger “Fish Camp” with some adult men. Or, we could just keep amongst ourselves too.

    Some things are best left alone.

  2. I would absolutly love to fish that part of the country! These are incredible places!

    • And I would love to fish the Appalachians! There are a lot of incredible places in this country. The trick is getting out there, isn’t it? Taking the time to go fishing, to explore, to find new favorite places. Good luck to you on learning to fish with a fly rod. It ain’t that tough. Spend $50 bucks and get some lessons, or join Trout Unlimited and find someone to take you out with them. Then do nothing but fish with a fly rod for a whole season, and you’ll be an expert. You won’t catch many fish that first season, but you’ll be out on the water taking it in.

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