Barns of the Driftless   4 comments

A dirt road in the Driftless

A dirt road in the Driftless

On Saturday I went to Crawford and Vernon Counties in Wisconsin’s Driftless Region. My eye was drawn to the beautiful old barns surrounded by hills and streams in the area. Driving around the Driftless you’ll see lots and lots of barns. Some are in good shape, many are not. The days of family farms have come and gone, and sadly what you see now in rural Wisconsin is a lot of poverty and abandon buildings. Farm houses and barns may still be standing, but they’re either not used or not maintained.

Crawford County Barn

Crawford County Barn

These old buildings are wonderful to look at, and I can imagine the care that went in to running each of these farms 70 years ago. Many of the barns were built with lumber that was felled and milled right on site, and they’re made using traditional timber framing methods.

Tainter Creek Valley

Tainter Creek Valley

I’ve heard it said that to make a similar structure today would cost $200,000. I wish I had the money and the resources to restore old barns because they really hold within them the rich history of the Driftless Region. Sadly, many of these structures cave in or are picked apart for their fine timbers.

Vernon County Barn

Vernon County Barn

If you have deep pockets and agree with me that these buildings should be saved, send me your money and I’ll see that it’s taken care of.

Is this heaven?

Is this heaven?

4 responses to “Barns of the Driftless

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  1. Nice pics man! I couldn’t agree more. Have you ever read “Barns of Wisconsin” by Jerry Apps? I went and heard him speak on these very ideas once long ago. There is a barn preservation group that is active in Wisconsin you might consider joining if you were serious about it.

    Cool stuff. Can’t wait to get out there and help you visit more spots like the one above.

  2. Thanks. I read a great book by Jerry Apps about growing up on a farm in Wisconsin without electricity, all the way into the 1950’s!

    “…Can’t wait to get out there and help you visit more spots like the one above.”

    Speaking of which, you wanna go fishin’?


  3. i recognize 2 of them.
    Hope you fished when taking those 2 photos

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