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I had a very enjoyable Sunday. My boys and I had breakfast downtown and spent some time walking around our incredible capitol building (perfect for our incredible state, don’t you think?).

Bode San does the swan - He watched the Karate Kid for the first time last week

Bode San does the swan - He watched the Karate Kid for the first time last week

Sawyer leaping, Shepard drinking

Sawyer leaping, Shepard drinking


Sweet Jump!

Sweet Jump!


My name is Sawyer. I'm king of this town.

My name is Sawyer. I'm king of this town.


Back at home we enjoyed the first warm day of spring and planted some veggies in our garden with mom, flew kites at the park, and enjoyed ice cream treats on the shore of Lake Wingra.

Then, at about 3:30, I bid farewell to my wonderful family and headed west in my new 1994 Toyota Previa, known affectionately as “Jay Ford Thurston” with Stephen Rose riding shotgun.

After a short stop at the “Cold Comfort” Farm to ask permission to walk across a field (we were summarily denied by the farm owners girlfriend, who told us “He doesn’t even let me go back there!”, but who was also very friendly and helpful and told us an alternate route to the stream), we were at our stream du jour where we saw some fish rising to midges, BWOs, and maybe some mayflies. Try as we did, nothing would take the artificial versions we offered.

A cool thunderstorm rolled through, a large deer was spotted, and the peanut butter and jelly tasted better than ever. Best of all, we found new territory, complete with rock cliffs and incredible water. The only thing missing were the fish tugging on the line.

I did manage to fool a nice fat brown trout out from under a log in about the most beautiful riffle-into-a-bend pool up against a cliff wall that I’ve ever seen. I will forever have the moment and the image of that place burned into my memory, but I can’t share it with you because I didn’t have a camera and my phone had lost its charge. Perhaps that makes the experience all the more sweet, helping me remember that those things done in life but not caught on film still did happen.

And here’s a plea:

 Stephen has been a busy man lately. But I miss his voice on this blog. So if you’re reading this now, send a thought out into the ether to ask Stephen to post some photos of our outing last night, and to write some words about the experience. We were both there yesterday evening. Stephen, did you know that this blog is not currently being considered for any awards? You don’t even need a picture of a fish to make a post! Hell, I just put images of my kids in downtown Madison in my posts (and aren’t they great?)!

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