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Lovely Day   1 comment

Here’s the scene today…

Black Earth Creek

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The Pink Squirrel   2 comments

I’ve been working on my Pink Squirrels. Of course I mean the fly created and perfected by John Bethke. His seem a little more flashy than mine due to the fact that he uses a much hairier dubbing mix mixed with some flash. I think I read somewhere he puts muskrat fur and crystal flash into a blender and chops it up. That’s kind of what it looks like.

But, I think mine with catch fish.

How many blog posts do you think exist in the world that are related to the Pink Squirrel fly? Let’s just say it’s north of 40, because I didn’t get to any search results besides the Pink Squirrel fly until I made it to page 4 in Google’s results. I’ve heard it said that this fly catches fish. I’ll bear witness to that, having caught most of my “fish-on-the-fly” fish on a Pink Squirrel.

One of these Pink Squirrels is not like the others

One of these Pink Squirrels is not like the others

Getting the Hang of it   2 comments

While our Saturday outing with fly rods did not yield a lot of fish (two, to be exact), Stephen and I did get better and better at handling casts and making good presentations as the day went on.

This is Midwestern Trout Fishing

This is Midwestern Trout Fishing


 I, for one, am dead-set on being patient with using fly gear (last year I fished almost exclusively with spinning gear) because I like the way it feels.

As for catching fish, I spoke with Nick Volk at On The Creek Fly Shop in Cross Plains and asked him, “Nick, am I ever going to catch as many fish on flies as I did last year on my spinners?” Nicks response? “You’ll catch more, once you get the hang of it.”

I’m holding out hope that one day that will be true.

Nice Loop, Stephen!

Nice Loop, Stephen!

Stephen Rose on Black Earth Creek

Stephen Rose on Black Earth Creek

Black Earth Creek, Wisconsin

Black Earth Creek, Wisconsin

Early Opener, Crawford County   Leave a comment

Here’s little video I put together of the Early Trout Opener in Crawford County. Enjoy!



Supermoon. Extreme Supermoon.   7 comments

Have you heard about the extreme supermoon we’re going to have tomorrow?

A “supermoon” is a full moon that falls on the same date as the perigee (the closest point to Earth in the moon’s elliptical orbit) within a lunar month. So, tomorrow evening at around 7:30, the full moon will rise above the horizon, and it will be as close as it can be to Earth. See the video below from NASA.

What does this mean? Well, here’s the way I see it. Fish and wildlife activity increases…

  • a few days before and after either a new moon or a full moon.
  • each day around moonrise and moonset
  • when whether patterns are approaching
  • during seasonal transitions

Tomorrow at around 7:30pm all four of these things will happen. The moon will be full, the moon will be rising, a weather system will be approaching from the west (rain on Sunday), and we are in the midst of a seasonal transition (thank god!).

On top of that, the moon will be at its closest perigee since 1983! Any effect the moon has on the Earth and her inhabitants will arguably be amplified to some degree.

So, I plan to be in position tommorrow at 7:30, ready to catch the biggest fish in the creek. This is the closest I’m going to get to having the stars align for me. I’m going to take advantage!

Extreme Supermoon!

Extreme Supermoon!

Looking Forward   1 comment

I’m looking forward to the weekend. I’ve made lots and lots of deposits into the so called “emotional bank account” associated with my marriage (every relationship has an emotional bank account) by enabling my wonderful wife to take time every evening this week away from home to attend gatherings with friends and so on, while I stayed home with our three young boys, feeding them dinner, helping with homework, wrestling on the living room floor, and getting them tucked into bed.

In exchange I’m taking some extended amount of time away from home this weekend to seek trout.

Stephen Rose and I have been attending weekly class with Nick and Todd from On The Creek Fly Shop, and we’ve learned a thing or two about observing a stream before plunging in, ready, fire, aim!

So this weekend we plan do do a lot of studying, trying to observe lies, map out where the fish’s homes are, and maybe even see fish (!) before casting a fly into the water.

That right side looks like a likely home for a fish, eh?

That right side looks like a likely home for a fish, eh?

Steelheading in the Milwaukee River   Leave a comment

What is Seeking Trout? It’s a blog you can visit to find only the finest writing, photography, and films featuring guys (and maybe, someday, gals) seeking out, and occasionally finding, trout.

Below is such a film…

The Fisher of Small Streams   1 comment

Here is an excerpt from Trout Bum, by John Gierach, a book I’m currently enjoying. This excerpt caught my attention because I got a case of what John describes as “Big-Fish Syndrome” on opening weekend. Let me tell you, if I keep the attitude I had over the weekend going I am not going to enjoy my season to its fullest.

Get yourself a light rod, fish the small streams until you’re used to the scale of things, and then hook a 12- or 14-inch brook trout or a 15-inch cutt. Sooner or later it will happen. That fish will be breathtakingly large. You may panic and break him off.

I can guarantee that unless you happen to be a victim of the Big-Fish Syndrome. That’s a disease that affects people who have a mild character flaw anyway and who then fish Bristol Bay, the Big Horn, or some other water where the landing  of countless fish over 20 inches (that mystical number) “ruins” all lesser fishing for them. Don’t laugh; I’ve actually heard people claim that. When I was a boy in the Midwest, the same condition was known as “The Mopus”, in which the sufferer became filled with crap right up to his heart.

Though all fishermen have a thing for big trout, most are immune to the more virulent strains of the Syndrome. To those who aren’t, I can only say that catching average trout from average streams may be a lousy job, but someone has to do it.

12-Inch Flat Creek Cutthroat, Jackson, WY

12-Inch Flat Creek Cutthroat, Jackson, WY

Wisconsin Trout Fishing Regulations Review   Leave a comment

The Wisconsin DNR is putting together a public review of the state’s trout regulations, and as part of the review, a survey has been released to garner feedback in preparation for public meetings this spring.

2011-2012 Trout Regulations Cover - Photo by Len Harris

2011-2012 Wisconsin Trout Regulations Cover - Photo by Len Harris


Click on the link below to take the survey. If there’s something you think should change about the trout fishing regulations in Wisconsin, it’ll be worth your while.

Why not here?   4 comments

The Fly Fishing film tour is fishporn on steroids. I am often left dumbstruck and incapable of moving forward with my day after the trailers. I don’t even know what will happen to me were I to actually sit through this entire event.

Still, I’m game for anything once. What I can’t understand is why Southern Wisconsin has not offered a venue for this activity? I’d really like to go and it would be a great opportunity to shoot the bull and throw back some beers.

I’ve decided to be proactive about it. I’ve made a survey which I’ll hope to get some feedback on. Fill it out if you’ve got a moment. With good numbers maybe we could convince this tour to come here.

At the very least watch this trailer. I understand Brian Horn is all I’ll say. For most of these movies, after I get my jaw placed back somewhere near my face I wonder what the heck it is these guys do that allows them this kind of liberty?

Anybody know anyone in Kamchatka?


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