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Stephen Rose and I headed over to Cross Plains last Thursday afternoon to visit Nick Volk at the On The Creek fly shop. Black Earth Creek is just outside, and rumor has it there are some nice-sized fish lurking beneath the footbridge.

Every Thursday, starting mid-afternoon and going until later at night, a group of six to a dozen fishermen get together to tie, swap stories reveal the secret locations of their favorite honey holes, and partake in the pleasures of food and drink.

On The Creek fly shop, Cross Plains, WI

On The Creek fly shop, Cross Plains, WI

I was fortunate to meet six men (regulars, you might say) who’ve spent a considerable amount of time seeking trout, including Paul Julius, the head honcho of the P.J. Julius Rod Company. My knowledge of trout fishing is like a strand of dubbing in their collective box of flies.

P.J. Julius Bamboo Fly Rods

P.J. Julius Bamboo Fly Rods

In addition I got to meet Mike Johnson, a Cross Plains fisherman who resides online at the blog Montana of the Midwest . One thing I’ve enjoyed about the offseason is getting to meet other trout fishermen. I look forward to meeting many more in the coming season.

I honed my tying skills as well, working on Grizzly Wulff flies. The first one I tied on Thursday night was given a positive but tepid review by the men in attendance, but after looking at a Grizzly Wulff stocked by the shop, and getting some pointers on the scale of the hackles, I tied a second that was much nicer and met the approval of everyone who saw it. “That’ll catch a fish” was the line I remember.

Real Good Beer
Real Good Beer


And to top it all off, I got a piece of homemade chocolate poundcake to go with my Furthermore Beer. Thanks a lot to Nick and everyone there for a great time. I’ll be back!


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