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So the last meeting of the Southern Wisconsin Chapter of Trout Unlimited has me considering why I elect to post my thoughts about this activity.

After all, I’m fairly new at this, who really cares what some greenie in Madison thinks about such a personal activity? Heaven knows there are others out there with greater experience and practical kinds of advice and counsel for would be trout seekers. There are also more savvy media users who might bring greater content to showcase their fishing exploits. I have little doubt of this truth.

But I have found that this blog does something that Facebook and Twitter just don’t offer me, namely, a strangely focused electronic environment that restricts those who have no interest in my musings from having to deal with them. At the same time, it provides me with an almost endless space to hold court with those who do, emphatically, share my interest. Here’s a little clip:

It’s nothing special really but it is reminder of why I’m out there. Make sure you can hear the sounds as this video is meaningless without the audio.

If the TU meeting was a microcosm of the trout angling population in Wisconsin then I can safely say that that demographic is definitely grayer than either Tom or myself. Perhaps this is sufficient reason itself to justify my musings as, from my perspective, the trout streams are inherently better protected by a larger number of fishermen paying fees to use them and my relative youth may speak to a group that is under-served. This is open to debate of course and I welcome any and all challenges to this idea as I am only too happy to get straightened out should I have the story wrong.

Finally, I would be lying if I did not admit to being a man of appetite, the thought of an occasional meal of native trout straight from a cold water stream is one more significant reason to exist. Bon appetit!

A gourmet reason to justify my stream wanderings.


One response to “Why blog?

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  1. Stephen,

    You could have just as aptly named your post “Why Talk About Visiting Trout Streams?”.

    For me, it’s that I just can’t shake the loveliness of the experience. You’re guaranteed to see wild animals of one kind or another, and that sound! I could listen to that every moment of every day and never get tired of it.

    And isn’t part of sharing experiences with others getting them to respond that, yes, that does look like a good way to spend your time? And perhaps entice them to come along and try it too?


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