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American Bittersweet

The photo above was taken as we walked the thin ice of Skillet Creek. On our return trip back to the car this very healthy vine brought in a flock of Cedar Waxwings. The vine had to have been 35 feet long if you account for the corkscrew nature of its course up the host tree.

Our visit was partly an excuse to visit some trout water but is more importantly an opportunity for our kids to get off the well worn paths at home and explore something new. It’s a time when, despite many levels of accommodation on our part, not everything will be prepared for them. They will walk on uneven ground and learn that it isn’t always easy but somehow that’s most of the fun.

Tom and his brood Shephard, Sawyer, and Bode + my oldest Heron resting beside a beautiful pancake root.

While we were out there we found some small invertebrates.

A small Stonefly (order Plecoptera) overwintering as an adult.

A mayfly naiad (order Ephemeroptera) Tom pulled from the underside of stone in Skillet Creek.

These little finds are a terrific way to keep the kids active and thinking critically about even the smallest parts of their world and, by giving them names, providing visual context that puts them in a specific place at a particular time.

I am so thankful that the kids get a kick out this kind of thing as it gives me no end of pleasure too.

It is so cool when the boys find these all on their own. A habit of awareness they can use for their entire lives, in any endeavor, to say nothing of trout-fishing.

The boys really enjoyed this short hike.  And so did I.


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