Fishing Through the Ice   2 comments

My 8-year-old son is crazy about fishing. Even more than I am. He’s been bugging me to get out and try ice fishing for a few years now, ever since we walked around on Monona Bay and talked with the ice fisherman.

So, today I went out and bought an auger and some ice fishing rods and wax worms and we gave it a try. Plenty of success. In 45 minutes we caught about a dozen bluegills and perch. Mostly small, but fun none the less.

Bode with a Bluegill

Bode with a Bluegill

I paid $1 for each of the jigs I bought today, and thought that seemed a bit steep. I looked up ice fishing flies and found this video.

Why not try to tie some flies for ice fishing? I’ll do just that and post some pictures, and hopefully stories of good results on the lake.

If you haven’t tried ice fishing, you may be surprised at how much fun it is to pull a fish up through a hole in the ice. The kids were pretty happy with the holes themselves…

Making a hole on Lake Wingra

Making a hole on Lake Wingra

2 responses to “Fishing Through the Ice

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  1. Love the shot with the kids sitting around as you drill the hole. My son loves ice fishing also. Taking the time to fish with your children is a great thing. Beats playing video games!

  2. Hey Blake,

    I’m not drilling the hole, That’s my 8-year old giving it a shot. He couldn’t finish the job, but was able to get about halfway through the ice. Fishing with kids is sure fun!


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