McKenzie River Drift Boat   1 comment

I am looking into building a McKenzie River-style drift boat for use next summer. Here’s a good look at this type of boat.

Isn’t that a good-looking design? Spira International sells plans for around $50. Here’s the one that catches my eye.

McKenzie Drift Boat

McKenzie Drift Boat

I would use this boat on the Wisconsin River to fish for smallies, and on big rivers up in Northern Wisconsin and the U.P. I’d even take it out west to float the beautiful stretches found in the mountains.

Posted November 17, 2010 by troutseeker in Boats

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  1. First, I love the video. It was actually quite informative and changed a few of my own basic precepts regarding driftboats. It hadn’t occurred to me to have a boat with a flat bottom would be an advantage in boating on a river but it’s clear that this is its primary virtue. This is antithetical to everything I ever learned about canoes and kayaks. But often when your fishing you want to cross the water rapidly and with little effort and you want to avoid the bottom as much as possible for that to happen.

    Second, $50.00 is a great deal for plans but how many hours can be expected for construction? Also, I’m not fond of the rubrail which looks tacked on and largely sentimental. If we want to do a rubrail we can figure out a shape for that ourselves.

    We could construct all the sawn frames from the Black Locust under my house!

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