Tying Flies on the Road   2 comments

Stephen came up with an ingenious idea before heading out for our excursion to the Root River on Tuesday. He wanted to tie some Marabou Streamers prior to the trip but didn’t get a chance. So, he put together a laptop tying table to get some tying done in the car.

It’s a very simple idea. He took a piece of plywood about 12″ by 18″, attached a length of square scrap to the bottom, three rails on the back and sides of the top to keep things from rolling away, and drilled a 3″ hole to allow a vise to be clamped to the table.

Mobile fly tying table by Stephen Rose

Mobile fly tying table by Stephen Rose

It worked like a charm! A handy addition would be a segmented tray around the outside to stash supplies.

Here he is with a finished streamer, done going 75 MPH.

Mobile Tying Table by Stephen Rose

Mobile Tying Table by Stephen Rose


Posted November 11, 2010 by troutseeker in Fly Tying

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2 responses to “Tying Flies on the Road

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  1. Great idea, Stephen. As a side note, sure glad you didn’t roll down the window while tying with Marabou. Good luck, guys!

  2. Hey thanks Mel!

    Tom and I are hoping to really give a go at tying this winter season. I can’t wait to be catching fish on my own lures. Like I say to Tom; “I want to have a conversation and anyway to make that more up close and personal the better.”

    I’m hoping to put together 30 to 40 Adams in sizes from 12 to 20 during the christmas holiday. Some of those while racing down the highway.

    Thanks again for you interest. Tava Evericulum

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