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I’ve taken up fly tying recently to augment the lack of fishing opportunities over the winter. I’ve found it to be a great way to learn about what trout eat and it is a nice, relaxing, family-friendly hobby.

Here are some pictures of my first flies, called Adams flies.

Group of Adams flies

Group of Adams flies


Light Adams Fly

Light Adams Fly


Dark Adams Fly

Dark Adams Fly


The lineup

The lineup


I’ll be tying many more and I’ll post pictures of them too. Last night I worked on one called a “Green Monster” but it looks a little bit too “monstrous”. I’m sure I’ll get better and better at it with time, which is the kind of gratification I need.


Posted November 3, 2010 by troutseeker in Fly Fishing, Fly Tying

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2 responses to “First Flies

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  1. Tails are too long and both hackle and wings are out of proportion (too large) and dubbed body is too bushy. It need to be wrapped tight in a taper toward the rear of the hook.

  2. Mark,

    Thanks for the feedback. You must be an experienced tyer! I’ll take your comments into consideration on future flies.


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