Ice Fishing for Browns in Milwaukee Harbor   4 comments

I made a big mistake. I googled “Fall Steelhead Wisconsin” and came up with guide Eric Haataja’s site,

via Eric Haataja's Wi Big Fish website

A big Brown Trout from Milwaukee Harbor (photo rights Eric Haataja at

Scrolling down I found an article about ice fishing in Milwaukee Harbor for Brown Trout (

I thought my trout fishing season was over as of Monday with a trip to Vernon County, but how am I supposed to pass up the chance at a 10+ pound Brown Trout a mere 80 miles from my front door?

Here’s a great article written in 2008 about fishing with Haataja.

And to raise your adrenaline just a little bit more, check out this video of Haataja guiding a client from California.

More videos of big fish can be found at Haataja’s youtube channel:

My wife is not going to like this.

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4 responses to “Ice Fishing for Browns in Milwaukee Harbor

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  1. Yeah Milwaukee went ont my radar last year. Big browns in the harbor, often caught right by the docks! Great fight, beautiful fish, however I wonder if they taste any good? Hoping to chase steel, salmon, and lake run browns on some Lake Michigan or Superior streams this fall too. Also keep in mind you can trout fish through October 31 in the lakes. I found a pond in MN that is open year round and am told the bite is actually the best in November.

  2. Simply put, What a rush! Thanks for sharing the video with me.

  3. Not sure I’d eat the fish I caught out of the Milwaukee River, especially if they’re salmon on the precipice of death. But it would sure be fun to catch a few! I’m planning a trip to the Milwaukee River Oct 23rd. I’m planning to try out some different methods. 1) Spinning tackle with a #15 PM, 2) Fly rod with a big pink or orange streamer, and 3) Drift fishing with a spawn sack.

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