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When Tom  and I set out on Saturday morning we did so with real expectations.   Our recent ventures to the Driftless area had reliably produced fish and we, or at least I, hadn’t considered what a tough day might look like.

Tom’s  “secrets of success” are really good suggestions.   I cannot recall a time in my life where I’ve eagerly anticipated a thunderstorm quite the way I am today.   The extended period of dryness that the last two weeks of August brought us did alot to hinder good fishing opportunities.

To add to Tom’s ideas I would consider the value in thinking of a given stream in three dimensions.   Streams are more than meets the eye.  We all unconsciously recognize a stream’s length but for a stream to offer solid fishing opportunities it’s really width and depth in a given section that are providential.  Too much or too little of one or both of these variables and the fish just aren’t there in great numbers.  Many of the streams we fished on Saturday likely rely on surface run-off to produce ideal conditions.   The springs assure cold water for stretches but the groundwater just doesn’t provide the surge of activity that a solid rain can.   Fish very likely see rain as an opportunity to extend their feeding territory, even briefly.

Here’s a question I’ve begun to consider but which I’ve found little information on.  Does anyone else find the urge to use their weighted streamers on spin casting gear?  I see no reason why a large streamer is not very appropriately used in this manner using light tackle.  We are almost exclusively using spinners right now which is really a minnow presentation.  I’d like to think that some of the streamers that are leech or even worm mimics might be a recipe for success when the glossy spinner just isn’t working.


Posted August 31, 2010 by Stephen in Thoughts on Fishing

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